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tier 1 visa uk

Tier 1   tier 1 visa uk

High-value Migrants

Tier 1 of the points-based category system is for high-value migrants and currently contains 5 categories:

This category is for those who are highly talented and are exceptionally skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors, who want to stay and work in the UK.

(Exceptional Talent) Tier 1

This section deals with the people who are exceptionally talented and have been recognized with traits of a leader in the fields of science, arts and humanities. This category is not yet open.

(Entrepreneur) Tier 1

This section deals with those entrepreneurs who want to take over or set up their own business and involve actively in it.

Initial Applications

The table below shows how you can score points if applying to the UK government for migration under (Entrepreneur) Tier 1, or to switch to (Entrepreneur) Tier 1 from any other immigration category, then the table below will shows how you can score points.

You can access to more than £200,000
You can access to more than £50,000 from:
from: 1 or more venture capital firms registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority; 1 or more seed funding competitions for UK entrepreneurial, listed as endorsed by UK Trade and Investment website, or 1 or more UK government departments, which makes available the funds for that specific UK business.
25 points
These funds are responsibilities of 1 or more regulated financial institutions 25 points
These funds are free to spend in the UK 25 points
Proficiency in English language
You should be able to speak English up to the required standard 10 points
Daily Life Maintenance
You hold enough money to support your livelihood, while you are in the UK 10 points

Extension of applications

If you are already staying in the UK as a businessman or as an entrepreneur under the former Immigration Rules, Vira international will be able to assist you with your application for extension of your stay under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). Please email anjum@vira.co.uk

(Investor) Tier 1

This category of the points-based category system is for peoplewho is ready to do substantial and hefty investments for starting business in UK. If you are ready to invest near about £ 1, 000, 000 ( in Uk) then the UKBA authority will assess the application differently considering your investment capacity.

You can apply under the investor category if you are currently:

  • In the UK and want to switch as Investor.
  • Already in the UK in the Tier 1 (Investor) category or the former 'Investor' category, and want to extend your permission to stay here under Tier 1 (Investor);
  • Applying for permission to enter the UK (known as 'Entry Clearance') in the Tier 1 (Investor) category.

(Post-study Work) Tier 1

This category whose basis is points-based system is for people want to continue to live and work in the UK after graduating from a UK university.

This category of migrants may be retained by the UK government as they are the most knowledgeable international graduates and who have completed their studies from there. Migrants of this category donít need any sponsor to continue living in UK and are free to look for other jobs.

This category works as a bridge between skilled or highly skilled workers. If you have permission to continue to stay as a post-study worker, then we will expect you to switch to another tier of the system, at your earliest.

Tier 1 (General)

This section describes the Tier 1 (General) category whose basis is points-based system. This category is for highly skilled workers and is now been closed for applicants from outside UK and migrants under other categories.

Employers recruiting from the migrant work force?

Tier 1 Post Study Work

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tier 1 visa uk

tier 1 visa uk

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